→ Title of Film:

     Original: MUSIC BOX

     English: MUSIC BOX

Part of the HAPPINESS MACHINE anthology

→ Language: no dialogues

→ Country of Production: SK, AT

→ Production Company: PubRes (SK),

     Klangforum Wien (AT), STUDIO 727 (SK)

→ Running Time: 00:05:30

→ Date Completed: 2019

→ Genre: short animated film

→ Technique: digital drawn animation


There is one goal, many ways to reach it, the choice is up to us.


Circus acrobats are trying to create perfect pyramid from human bodies. However, one of the acrobats hurts his arm, he doesn’t manage to hold the one over him and pyramid tumbles down.
Ringmaster has three possibilities how to handle the situation: 1. replace the wounded acrobat with a new one, 2. replace the entire team, 3. or to find for each member of the original group, such a place within the pyramid, that will be suitable to its own capabilities.
At the end of each of the solutions awaits the same outcome, it is upon us, which way we will chose to get to it.


HAPPINESS MACHINE is an exceptional project of ten short animated films with the subtitle "Twenty women animate a European dialogue on the future of the world".

The international project was initiated by the music ensemble Klangforum Wien, which, together with ten female animators and ten female composers, wants to comment on the current state of the world. The creators reflect on the economic model of the Austrian economist Christian Felber, which is called Economy for the Common Good. The European Commission has also taken a position on its principles, recommending it to Member States as an inspiration for their future economic policies.

One of the main partners of the project is the Viennese agency Klangforum, which organises musical events and manages the symphony orchestra. It is this orchestra that has recorded the works of ten female composers as film scores, and the collection of films will therefore also be screened as part of its live concerts.


→ Director: Joanna Kozuch

→ Idea: Joanna Kozuch

→ Script: Katarína Moláková & Joanna Kozuch

→ Art Director: Joanna Kozuch

→ Music by: Ying Wang

→ Interpret: Klangforum Wien

→ Producers: Zuzana Mistríková & Martin Repka

→ Animation: Marek Jasaň, Lukáš Figeľ, Joanna Kozuch, Martina Frajštáková

→ Edited by: Ondrej Azor

→ Sound Design by: Dušan Kozák


→ Producer: Zuzana Mistríková

→ Sales & Festivals (film, SK): PUBRES

→ Sales & Festivals (anthology): FABIAN&FRED

→ Director: Joanna Kozuch